Turkish Shoes Manufacturers and Suppliers

Turkish shoes, Turkey shoes manufacturers/suppliers and exporters directory. High quality shoes from Turkish suppliers, exporters and manufacturer companies in Turkey.

GEZER AYAKKABI DERI SAN. VE TIC. A.S.        Türkiye     Gezer Ayakkabı A.Ş.    
s shoes, footwears, slippers, shoes, man shoes, men shoes, babettes, spring shoes, woman shoes, school shoes, crampons, top boots, boots for boys, pvc boots, pvc top boots, baby shoes, summer slippers, winter slippers
s food, foodstuff, pulses, lentils, red lentils, green lentils, edible oils, vegetable oils, edible oil, sunflower oil, forklifts, crane, constrution machinery, portland cement 42.5, marble, pivot irrigation systems, marble tiles, natural stones, cosmetic, cosmetics, perfume, table sets, cabinets, counters, cabinet, counter, meeting tables, office chairs, agricultural machinery, agricultural equipments, plow, disc plow, chisel plow, disc harrow, irrigation systems, office furnitures, fabrics, furniture, travertine, granite, forklift, towel, upholstery fabric, rice, cement, cashew nut, textile products, fabric, shoes, overalls, curtain fabric, home textiles, portland cement, marble flooring, white marble, safety equipments, corn, granite tiles, men's shoes, submersible pump, crane systems, wheel loader, women's clothing, men's clothing, bath towels, soft towels, men's suits, woven fabric, agricultural irrigation systems, shirt fabric, stalk cutter, furnitures, dried nuts, towels, cream marble, onyx, baling machine, terry towels, executive tables, marble slabs, charcoal, granite flooring, vein cut marble, book matched marble, marble wall tiles, cross cut marble, men's shirt, vein cut marble slabs, agricultural irrigation equipments, workstation, wooden office furnitures, grey cement, grey portland cement, wood furnitures, personal tables, executive table sets, military and police uniforms, personal protective equipments
HARAT YAPI        Türkiye     Orhan HARAT    
s pvc profiles, pvc window profiles, pvc door profiles, pvc window systems, pvc door systems, laminated windows, alternative pvc systems, auxiliary profiles, detailed profiles, balcony doors, sliding systems, sliding profiles, frame profiles, sash profiles, pvc profile, pvc window profile, pvc door profile, pvc window system, pvc door system, laminated window, alternative pvc system, auxiliary profile, detailed profile, balcony door, sliding system, sliding profile, frame profile, sash profile, do, shoes, boots, children shoes, sneakers, sport shoes, kid shoes, cat boots
SAMUR DIS TIC. LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Sabahattin FİDAN    
s food products, foodstuff, confectionery products, chocolate, wafers, chewing gum, soft drinks, textile products, slippers, shoes, curtains, carpet, curtain, carpets, hardware, building materials, building supplies, home appliances, whitegoods, kitchenwares, tableware, kitchen utensils, plastic household appliances, cosmetics, food, textiles, whole foods, plastic hauseholds, gel, wet wipes, parfumes, deodorants, hygiene materials, women hygiene materials
s shoes, glasswares, footwears, rugs, carpets, kilims, praying rugs, furnishings, soft furnishings, furnitures, fabrics, garments, clothings, ready wears, apparels, baby wears, woman wears, man wears, baby garments, woman garments, man garments, home textiles, house textiles, linens, kitchen textiles, home linens, kitchen linens, bath textiles, bath linens, bedroom textiles, bedroom linens, livingroom textiles, livingroom linens, cooking aprons, kitchen aprons, towels, bathroom towels, face towels, bathrobes, table sheets, tablecloths, table covers, table cloths, kitchen towels, cushions, saddle bags, storage bags, ironing board cloths, ironing table cloths, paper towel rails, paper towel hooks, washing machine cloths, washing machine covers, ironing board covers, bathroom mats, bath mats, toilet sets, bath curtains, bathroom curtains, chair covers, zebra curtains, mats, doormats, door mats, quilt cover sets, bedlinens, quilts, coverlets, duvets, blankets, bedspreads, bed linings, bed coverings
FIN KIMYA ULUSLARARASI LTD.STI.        Türkiye     İsmail KAYA    
s liquid soap, personal care, detergent, shower gel, hand disinfectant, cologne, dog shampoo, pet oral care, alcohol-free hand gel, industrial cleaning, liquid hand wash, vehicle chemicals, lubricants, motor oil, industrial oil, car care, screenwash coolant antifreeze, cosmetic, animal care, household cleaning
BLM KIDSSHOES        Türkiye     emel aras    
s footwears, footwear, shoes, shoe, kids shoes, kids shoe
CAHIT AYAKKABI LTD.        Türkiye     cemil cahit ozlu    
s shoes, woman shoes, man shoes, kid shoes, children shoes, child shoes
MARCO PINI        Türkiye     Okan Tekin    
s shoes, woman shoes, leather shoes, leather boots, leather boot, leather sandals, sandals, woman sandals, boots, boot, women shoes, women boot, women sandals
INTL. TRADE        Yeni Zelanda     Renee Gray    
s overstock, closeout, liquidation, broker, brand, authentic, apparel, clothing, shoes, accessories, registered, licensed, wholesale, originals, release, documents, paperwork, sanitized invoice, brand company, distributor
OTTO HERMES INTERNATIONAL        Türkiye     sevil onyuru    
s bedding sets, bedding sheet, blankets, carpets, children's wear, comforter set, home textile, men's wear, shoes, textile, underwear, women's wear
METCO AYAKKABI VE YAN SAN. URUNLERI        Türkiye     Mehmet Türk    
s leather shoes, shoe, casual shoes, mens footwear, shoes, boots, shoe factory, mens sneakers, mens loafers, sneakers, footwear, designer, loafers, kids sneakers, womens sneakers, flat shoes, fashion, girls sneakers, comfortable shoes, canvas sneakers, casual sneakers, light shoes, comfortable flats, whole shoe, womens footwear, ladies shoes, trendy, sneaker, turkish shoe, girls footwear, ladies sneakers, shoe vendors, sandals, heels, boys sneakers
RETURN MARKET        Macaristan     Gergely Molnar    
s appliances, clothes, clothing, computers, entertainment electronics, entertainment equipment, furniture, garden electronics, household appliances, shoes
BSI LEATHERWEARS        Pakistan     Kashif Rai    
s leather, lining, upper, sole, shoes, garments, upholstery, gloves, automotive, furniture, goat, sheep, cow, buffalo, split.
DSM GRUP DANISMANLIK ILETISIM A.S.        Türkiye     Int'l ...    
s textile products, socks, socks for man, socks for woman, socks for kids, apparel, shoes, bags, home textile, bags, home textile, shoes, apparel
TEK SHOES        Türkiye     veysel akıcı    
s shoes, footwear, canvas shoes, casual shoes, dress shoes, high heel shoes, ladies shoes, lady shoes, leather shoes, men shoes, shoes factory, shoes fashion, shoes for baby, shoes, shoes men, shoes, shoes woman, sports shoes, women shoes, shoed designer, summer shoes, shoses designers
SMILEY FACE TRAD SERVICES        Umman     Affan Al Tamimi    
s leather products, leather finished items, leather wear, bags, shoes
ATIKER AYAKKABI A.S.        Türkiye     Orhan BÜYÜKŞAHİN    
s shoe, shoes, women shoes, men shoes, boots, women boots, men boots, slippers, leather, leather shoes, casual shoes, mens footwear, shoes, boots, shoe factory, ladies, mens sneakers, kids, mens loafers, sneakers, footwear, mens, designer, loafers, kids sneakers, womens sneakers, flat shoes, fashion, girls sneakers, comfortable shoes, canvas sneakers, casual sneakers, light shoes, comfortable flats, whole shoe, womens footwear, ladies shoes, trendy, sneaker, turkish shoe, girls footwear, lad
VINTAGE TEKSTIL        Türkiye     mesut muço    
s bag, belt, clothes, fabric, garment, leather, shoes, yarn
IKBAL AYAKKABICILIK SAN. TIC. A.S.        Türkiye     Ekrem NAS    
s shoes, footwears, casual shoes, comfort shoes, athletic shoes, sports shoes, boots, dress shoes, leather shoes, fullup leather shoes, aniline leather shoes, patent leather shoes, crayz leather shoes, antique leather shoes, nubuck leather shoes, opening leather shoes, softy leather shoes, loraks leather shoes, suede leather shoes, goat leather shoes, printed leather shoes, satin cloth shoes, jurdan rubber sole shoes, polyurethane sole shoes, leather sole shoes, winter shoes, summer shoes, leather footwears, spring shoes, casual footwears, comfort footwears, athletic footwears, sports footwears, dress footwears, fullup leather footwears, aniline leather footwears, patent leather footwears, crayz leather footwears, antique leather footwears, nubuck leather footwears, opening leather footwears, softy leather footwears, loraks leather footwears, suede leather footwears, goat leather footwears, printed leather footwears, satin cloth footwears, jurdan rubber sole footwears, polyurethane sole footwears, leather sole footwears, eva sole shoes, rubber heel sole shoes, microlight sole shoes, autumnal shoes